Sun Poker

Sunpoker is a large online gaming website that allows players to participate in many different types of poker as well as blackjack, slots, and roulette. Sunpoker was at one time part of the CryptoLogic network. However, they have made the move to the iPoker network, which has provided them with many software upgrades and a very strong security system.

Sunpoker is a great poker site in many aspects including software, customer support, and security. There are a few downsides, but the site’s positive aspects generally outweigh them.

Sunpoker Positives

First, it is important to examine the website’s general layout and ease of use. Sunpoker has a look and feel that is similar to most big poker websites, but it is unique in some aspects. The layout is very intuitive and easy to navigate – you can find anything that you’re looking for quickly and easily. The graphics are amiable and pleasing, even if they are a bit simplistic. The general software is good; however, be aware that there are no flash versions of anything. The software download might take a while, but once it is installed, it should run quickly. There have been no known bugs in the Sunpoker software, so if there are any problems, they are more than likely caused by something on the user’s end.
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As far as customer popularity is concerned, Sunpoker is one of the leaders. During peak hours, there are typically around 20,000 players on the Sunpoker site. As with most poker sites, the most popular games are no limit and pot limit Texas Hold’em, as well as pot limit Omaha. Players will rarely ever have trouble finding a game of these types. However, there is usually not much traffic at the 5 or 7 card stud tables, or at the Omaha Hi-Lo tables. Because of the large user base, it is easy for a player to find a table or room that is at their pertinent competition level.

Sunpoker provides some great help for begginers. It has tutorials on all of the different poker games, and provides a “hand strength” feature at the beginners tables which can help any newcomer to try making the best poker decisions. New players at Sun Poker can get a bonus of $500 by using the Sun Poker Bonus Code P3SUN

Sunpoker is well known for its exemplary security. The encryption system that Sunpoker uses is very solid. Also, because the site is a part of the iPoker network, it gains all of the iPoker security advantages. iPoker is a huge network with a plethora of personalized security measures. Anybody who has been scammed or wronged in any way by a poker site will usually go on a major poker forum and complain, however, there have been no such actions taken regarding Sunpoker. Also, Sunpoker does not have any cheating scandals in its history.

The customer support section at Sunpoker is excellent. There is a “support” tab in plain view on the homepage. Clicking this tab will take a user to an FAQ, a site map, banking information, and a “contact us” section. The “contact us” section is impressive, boasting five support e-mails and seven phone numbers. There is also a live chat feature and even a fax support number. Because of these options, Sunpoker is one of the leaders in customer support.

Sunpoker Negatives

Perhaps the biggest downside of Sunpoker is that it is not available to players from the United States. Online gambling laws in the U.S. do not explicitly ban citizens from gambling online, but rather the laws prevent any financial establishment from participating in any transactions with Internet gambling websites. It is not clear whether Sunpoker is trying to keep itself out of trouble or if the moderators are simply tired of dealing with situations where American deposit methods are declined. Either way, Sunpoker has a pop-up window that immediately informs the site visitor that U.S. players cannot make wagers. If you are from the U.S., you can click the link that they provide and it will take you to a FairBet site where you can look through a list of reputable poker rooms that may or may not accept U.S. players. While this aspect of Sunpoker may seem unfortunate, it can also be looked at as respectable. The fact that Sunpoker is so honest with its customers and so willing to help American users find a different poker site may be a testament to its integrity and reputability.

Sunpoker offers a 100% sign up bonus of up to $500 for the first-time player who use the Sun Poker Coupon Code P3SUN. This is a good deal; however, getting free money from Sunpoker past this initial bonus can be difficult. Sunpoker has a VIP program that could use some fixing, as it is unlikely that a player will meet the requirements that are needed to achieve most of the bonuses. Many other poker websites make it much simpler for a player to get some money back.

On some uncommon occasions, players can sometimes get disconnected from play. This is rare, but it is a negative aspect of Sunpoker that any new user should be aware of.

Sun Poker