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PKR Poker

If you’re still reading because you want to know what the 100% up to $800 PKR bonus means then don’t worry, I’ll explain it now.

The first part is 100% That means for every dollar you put into your account on your first deposit, PKR will match that amount with a bonus. So if you deposit $250, you get a $250 bonus on top of that.

The second part of it is the $800. Simply put, it means PKR will match your deposit with a bonus up to the amount of $800.

A question you might be asking yourself is how will the PKR bonus be unlocked? It is released incrementally. That means that the more hands and tournaments you play, the more of your bonus that is unlocked.

If you play at small stakes it doesn’t matter a great deal because the bonus is easy to unlock. All you have to do is play a few more hands than someone playing at higher stakes and you’re on your way to a juicy bonus.

If you haven’t already tried out PKR then start downloading the software now. The 3d software is stunning, the players completely suck and it is as real as you’re going to get on the Internet.

With a PKR bonus code like AUSPKR, it’s a smart decision to start playing now and see for yourself.

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