Best Poker Marketing Codes

Many poker sites offer signup bonuses for first-time players. If you are new to a site and plan on playing a lot of poker, you should definitely take advantage of a poker marketing code from P3 Poker. This poker marketing code will allow you get the maximum sign up bonus possible from several different poker sites.

What are Poker Marketing Codes?

Poker marketing codes are a series of numbers and letters that can entered when signing up at a poker site for the first time. They often go by other names: bonus codes, signup codes, or referral codes. Basically, a poker marketing code will tell a poker site where a certain player was referred from. For example, a third party site, such as P3 Poker will offer a marketing code for the site PokerStars. When a player goes to make their first deposit at PokerStars, they can then enter the poker marketing code and be awarded the benefits that come from being referred from a specific site.

When signing up at a poker site, a player can link to the signup page from the third-party site, which will often automatically enter the marketing code for you. Or, you can simply go the poker site itself and there will be a field labeled “marketing code” where you can enter the code.

How are Marketing Codes Beneficial?

Poker marketing codes are beneficial because they allow a player to reap first-time deposit bonuses. Many poker sites offer incentives for beginners to participate at their site. These incentives are often in the form of free money. Poker sites will offer a percentage of a player’s first deposit as money back. For example, a site might offer a 100% bonus on an initial deposit, up to $500. This means that if a player deposits $500 their very first time, the poker site will match that as a bonus. Poker marketing codes will allow players this opportunity.

The bonus money will often not be paid out in a lump sum, however. Most sites will require that a player earn points by participating in many real-money games. After a certain amount of points have been earned, a player will begin to receive their bonus in smaller increments.

Best Poker Marketing Codes

PokerStars is arguably the best poker site on the Internet. It is certainly the most popular, as thousands of players can be found on the site at any given moment. PokerStars offers many different types of poker as well as different stakes levels. By using the P3 poker marketing code “PAWT7,” you can get a 100% bonus on your first deposit, up to $600.

PKR is the second poker site that gives out bonuses according to marketing codes. The big draw to PKR is the graphics. PKR offers 3-D poker play that can make online poker feel more like an actual live game. Using the P3 poker marketing code “AUSPKR” will allow you to get a bonus of 100% up to $800 for your initial deposit.

The third site that P3 Poker offers a poker marketing code for is Party Poker. Party Poker is a major player in online poker. Just like PokerStars, they have a lot of players, which can allow you to enjoy a ring game at basically any time. The draw at Party Poker is that it is known for having a lot of looser players, which allows more strategic and experienced players to win more often there. The marketing code “P3PAR” from P3 will allow you to get a 100% bonus on up to $500 for your first deposit.
Finally, P3 poker offers a poker marketing code for Sun Poker. Sun Poker is a site that has recently moved up in the ranks. It has switchef from the CryptoLogic network to the huge iPoker network, which has allowed the site to make a ton of great upgrades. Sun Poker has arguably the best customer support team of any poker site. Use the poker marketing code “P3SUN” in order to collect a bonus of 100% for a first deposit – up to $500.

Poker marketing codes are advantageous for anyone who is going to spend some time at a poker site. For PokerStars, PKR, Party Poker, and Sun Poker, P3 offers the best poker marketing codes.